Relaxation – The interior of Anew Dawn was designed to create emotional bliss.  Providing my current clientele and new clients a temporary oasis to escape to was a priority.  An oasis that had you wanting to stay much longer after your service was complete and a staff welcoming that emotion.  Anew Dawn simply put wants you feeling relaxed, welcomed and at ease from the moment you step through the door.

Service – The heart of every great experience is service.  In many industries countless hours and dollars are spent teaching proper client service.  Fortunately, providing outstanding service to everyone that steps through our door is a matter of the soul.  What is done at Anew Dawn to ensure client base satisfaction, cannot be taught in any class or seminar.  The way you are treated and made to feel is real.  When you are given a servants heart as part of your Grace, giving the ultimate in client service becomes second nature.

Client Commitment – Each Anew Dawn client whether existing or new is given individualized attention and care. We are committed to making you feel special, wonderful and beautiful.  Our clients are why we exist and we exist to serve.  Building lasting relationships is what we desire, this can only be accomplished through complete client commitment.  Although it takes time to build strong bonds, what you’ll soon discover is our staff is committed to the long haul.

Confidentiality – Due to the nature of our industry, we are very conscious of keeping what happens in Anew Dawn at Anew Dawn.  A Complete Salon Experience does often include having the opportunity to express personal matters, concerns or worries with our staff.  Having the confidence that these conversations are kept confidential and treated with the utmost privacy is paramount. Anew dawn has built its current clientele by leading with respect while working to gain client trust.  This formula has served us well and has been a staple in our continued growth.

Fun – At the end of the day, having fun is what it’s really all about!  Wrapped inside of making sure The Experience is a relaxing one while providing superior client service and a commitment to your privacy, comes our hope that your time at Anew Dawn is fun filled and having you looking forward to your next visit.  It is often said, when you have fun and love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, this is a fundamental principle imbedded within the foundation of Anew Dawn.  Enjoy!