About Dawn


DawnandRob1Shortly after my high school graduation I married Rob, the man I knew I would spend the rest of my life with.  In those day I was working for Chase Manhattan Bank in Long Island, New York before we made the decision to move “Upstate”  New York.  I accepted a position at our town’s local bank and shortly thereafter awaited the birth of our first son.   With this overwhelming joy, came a bit of heartache. I was laid off from the bank and this set in motion the start of some very tough times for our family.  In an attempt at minimizing expenses, I began doing my own nails –  doing my own nails soon became doing my neighbors and families nails.  A passion was born.

Now that I knew my calling, Rob and I made the decision to go back to our roots.  I enrolled at The Massapequa Nail Academy in Long Island, New York with plans of perfecting my profession and taking the industry by storm.  The next chapter in my journey was soon made clear.  Shortly after graduating the academy, I secured my first job at a new salon in East Meadow.  It wasn’t very long after I started working and building a clientele that an overriding emotion rose inside of me.  Making people look and feel beautiful became the internal driving force behind why I did what I did.

As time went on, an even greater passion grew inside of me, family!  We wanted to continue to grow ours.  This decision would bring us to Florida.  Unwilling to split time between my children and my work, Florida offered us a solution.  Towards the end of 1996 and pregnant with our youngest son, we made the move and were able to make the ends meet with one income.  This next step, although exciting, left me very sad with having to say goodbye to my client base.  We did however keep in touch for many years after my move.  This sparked another love for my industry, relationship! In a short window of time, I made some true friends and shared their highs along with a few lows while helping to make them feel good about themselves.

It only took a couple years before the desire to get back into my profession was too overwhelming to ignore.  Staying home wasn’t easy, as I so missed being around and working with people.  Now, with two boys – our youngest just a year old I reentered my industry renting space at a local salon here in Spring Hill.  I spent the next four years doing what came natural, building relationships and making people feel a bit better than they did before our time together.  In 1999 I was pregnant with our third child, and yes, we would be blessed with a daughter.  As my family grew, so did my clientele – a few of the ladies that became regulars would often tease about the experience they had at my booth and say “Dawn, you’re an under paid therapist”  Maybe so, I just love what I do!

Having outgrown my current space, I decided a move was in order.  An opportunity presented itself on US19 and so I took my next step.  This transition to a larger area meant I could increase the services I offered to my industry and the loyal clientele that supported this move.  Along with a welcomed increase in business came an even larger increase in responsibility to my family.  The next seven years were a blur, Rob and I became very involved in every aspect of our children’s lives.  It seemed as if baseball fields and church youth group replaced being home and advancing my career, and as much as we were never home and I couldn’t grow my client base as I’d liked, neither of us would have changed a thing.

As 2008 gave way to 2009, I decided this would be the year to refocus and take my business to the next level.  To do this, I enrolled at the Ultimate Medical Academy for Medical Esthetics.  The passion I have for making my clients feel great about themselves showed itself in the academy.  I graduated with High Honors and at the top of my class earning many certifications allowing me to offer an expanded suite of services to include Microderm, Body Wrapping, Chemical Peels certified under (PCA, Sanitias and Bioelements), Gel Light Cure Nails, Gel Polish Manicures and Podiatry Pedicures. With my skincare degree in hand a plan for an even bigger move was hatched.  I was going to serve my client base from my very own salon!!!

My clients, friends and family, especially my oldest son would say “You should open your own salon, you love what you do”  Although my family is my number one priority and an even greater level of dedication would be needed to pull it off, he was right – I love what I do.  So in March of this year I signed a lease that would make my dream a reality, Anew Dawn had risen and April would mark serving my clientele and offering A Complete Salon Experience.

I love doing nails even more today than I did 22 years ago.  I think it’s the joy I see in my client’s faces that has me loving what I do for all these years.  What I desire most for anyone that walks into my salon is to feel at home and like family. My staff and I promise to treat you with the best care and respect you deserve.  Come and experience Anew Dawn, what A Complete Salon Experience is really like!!